Kim Sunmoon

Kim Sunmoon

Visiting Research Fellow

Areas of Expertise  : Defense Policy, Military Strategy, Strategic History, RMA Combined Joint Operations, Combat training


COL Kim is currently serving as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and active duty officer in the ROKA with experiences and assignments ranging from front fields to ROKA, ROKJCS and ROKMND. Having served in the office of National Defense Policy, he has planned defense policies and issues such as ROKUS alliance, Defense and Military Strategies, COTP, etc. He also served as field CDRs and staffs at several levels, especially as a professional OPFOR CDR in Korea Combat Training Center. After earning BA in ROK Military Academy, he was educated in US infantry school and earned Master of Arts with distinction in England, UK.

Academic Background

Infantry Captains Career Course in Ft. Benning (US)
MA Strategic Studies in University of Reading (UK)
BA Weapons Engineering, Korea Military Academy (ROK)

Professional Background

OPFOR CDR in Korea Combat Training Center
Joint Operation Division, ROKJCS
US Policy Division, Security Policy Division, ROKMND