Asan Plenum

Session: Session 1
Date/Time: April 28, 2015 / 12:30-13:45

Choi Kang, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Bruce Bennett, RAND Corporation
Xu Weidi, National Defense University, PLA
Yamaguchi Noboru, International University of Japan


Panel Description

Military power has long been the foundation of American global preponderance. Even throughout the global financial crisis and resulting defense spending cuts known as “sequestration”, the U.S. continued to spend more on defense than the next thirteen countries combined. One aspect of military affairs where the U.S. remains a world-leader is in defense research and development. American innovations in war-fighting technologies such as robotics, cyber weapons, and next-generation aircraft are revolutionizing the modern battlefield. Yet, at the same time, technological innovation is also leveling the playing field for adversaries who can quickly adopt these very same technologies. At a time when the U.S. faces an increasingly diverse spectrum of security threats, what are the implications for future wars?