Asan Plenum

Dr. Larry Wortzel will use his experience as a military attache dealing with senior officers of the People`s Liberation Army as well as contacts with Chinese scholars and officials to discuss Chinese approaches on North Korea and the Six Party Talks. His discussion will cover policy issues related to North Korea inside the People`s Liberation Army, the Chinese security and intelligence apparatus, among scholars, and inside the senior ranks of the Chinese Communist Party. There are policy tensions in China, including pressures to attempt to get the DPRK to introduce more market reforms in a state-controlled economy, and the desire to maintain a stable state in North Korea. In part this is manifested in a program of state-approved investment and the establishment of PRC-DPRK joint venture companies. Additionally, he will touch on the dichotomy between official statements in China opposed to nuclear and ballistic missile proliferation and China`s actions and historical policies, which argue that weaker states can use a nuclear capability as a deterrent against the hegemony of a large nuclear power. Dr. Wortzel will discuss recent reports about China turning a blind eye to, or even facilitating, missile exports by the DPRK. Finally, he will address how China has used the Six Party Talks as a means to put its own interests in the forefront of policy considerations in Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul.