Asan Plenum

On March 11, 2011, northern Japan was attacked by a very heavy earthquake. Also nuclear power plants suffered tsunami disaster and severe accidents were happened. Almost Japanese understood these accidents, especially Fukushima-Daini Nuclear Power Plant, as a safety viewpoint. In other words, I think that we, Japanese, have no concept of security. The Fukushima-Daini NPP accidents have showed weak points to terrorists who have an intension of attacking a nuclear power plant.

I understand we need a nuclear security concept to use nuclear energy peacefully in addition to nuclear safety and nuclear safeguards. In my opinion, almost Japanese has no idea about the difference between safety and security. That is to say, I also understand we have no complete answer to the combination of safety, security and safeguards, 3S. On the Toyako Summit held in Hokkaido, Japan, 2008, our former Prime Minister Mr. Fukuda declared the necessity of 3S concept if Japan develop a nuclear market internationally. This policy is very heavy for us.

In Japan, in my childhood, my parents taught me in moral “It is worst to steal other’s goods”. This is a traditional Japanese mind. However, I believe this mind is not only for Japanese but also for Asian people.

In my presentation, I would like to show my opinion on the concept of nuclear security by considering the regional culture, and also I ask you whether we can find mutual understanding of nuclear security or not. Actually, I know the necessity of nuclear security for a peaceful use of nuclear energy. But we have to reconsider the meaning of what the nuclear security is from many viewpoints. Furthermore, I would like to know security concept of eastern Asian countries which have same culture, especially, I think, China, Korea and Japan. And I believe that we need mutual understanding about nuclear security.