Past Events


On September 12, 2013, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies held the 37th Asan Dosirak Series with Rajiv Narayan, Researcher (East Asia) for Amnesty International.

In a presentation titled, “A Brighter Light into the Darkness? The Human Rights Situation in North Korea and the UN Commission of Inquiry (CoI)-DPRK,” Dr. Narayan discussed the manner in which the CoI-DPRK came about and the challenges and expectations if faces.

Dr. Narayan argued that the CoI-DPRK was a culmination of increasing concern of the international community on North Korea’s grave, systematic and widespread human rights violations and the lack of engagement by the North Korean government to repeated expressions of concern at the UN.

Date / Time: September 12, 2013 / 11:00am-1:30pm

Place: Conference Room (2F), The Asan Institute for Policy Studies