Press Release

보도자료 - Press Release
May 23, 2014
Ms. Heesun Kim

* For Immediate Release


The Asan Institute Hosts Roundtable with the Hon. Michael Kirby

-12 pm on Friday, May 30 at the Institute
– Media Q&A Session at 13:30


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies will host a roundtable with the Hon. Michael Kirby, Chair of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights in North Korea at 12 pm on Friday, May 30 at the institute.

He will present the findings of the COI as outlined in the recently published U.N. report. Korean experts including Dr. Shin Chang-Hoon, Dr. Jang Ji-Hyang, Dr. Go Myong-Hyun from the institute and Prof. Hong Sung-Pil will join him to discuss follow-up measures in light of the Commission’s work.

The report released in February revealed compelling evidence of the human rights violations committed by the regime.

* Credentialed members of the press who would like to attend must RSVP to with details including name, affiliation, and mobile number.