Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies hosted the 11th Asan Institute Roundtable on the topic of “Urban Ecosystem in Seoul and Green Infrastructure” on August 11, 2010.
In this Roundtable moderated by the Asan Institute Director Hahm Chaibong, Research Fellow Ko Junho (Seoul Development Institute) stressed the need for the public sector to establish a low-carbon transportation system in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Chairman Kim Myungja (Green Korea 21 Forum, former Environment Minister) explained the benefits of green ecology in an urban setting. Professor Choi Jaechun (Ewha Womans University Department of Ecoscience) analyzed the eco-city project that is being undertaken by the government and explained that a true ecological city is a city in which urban ecosystems and human societies exist together in harmony. The panelists agreed that the construction of a green infrastructure cannot be avoided in the modern society and concluded that in order for green infrastructure be successfully integrated, individual citizens need to strive for change and to harmonize the ecosystem and society.