Asan in the News

[Money Today] 2012-10-02

Who Benefited the Most from the Chuseok?

[SeGye Ilbo] 2012-10-02

Big 3 Candidates Intense Race, Foreboding Negative Campaign

[Hankyoreh] 2012-10-02

Different Approval Ratings among 3 Candidates

[Kyunghyang Shinmun] 2012-10-03

Changing Voters during the Chuseok…Intense Race among Park, Ahn, Moon

[Seoul Shinmun] 2012-10-03

Intense Race among Park, Ahn, Moon

[DongA Ilbo] 2012-10-03

Approval Ratings Change during the Chuseok

[Hankook Ilbo] 2012-10-03

After the Chuseok…Park Rebounding Ahn Stagnant

[SeGye Finance] 2012-10-03

Real Race Begins after the Chuseok

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