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Despite credit given to Donald Trump for toughening US policy toward China and even trying a new approach to North Korea, his approach to the Indo-Pacific was roundly condemned for: poor choice of officials and little coordination; disruption of alliances with distrust of multilateralism; discordant messages with idiosyncratic goals; and little presidential presence or articulation of values. Attentive to mounting challenges, experts sought to articulate a strategic vision, which was missing. Putting this search in historical context, Michael Green’s 2018 book stimulated forward-looking discussion, including a review by the man credited with orchestrating Obama’s “pivot to Asia,” Kurt Campbell, along with the author of a forthcoming book, The Long Game: China’s Grand Strategy to Displace American Order, Rush Doshi.1Campbell will be the Indo-Pacific coordinator at the National Security Council, where Doshi will serve. With Biden’s inauguration, the quest continues for a clear, well-rounded regional strategy.

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