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Wang Junsheng
Wang Junsheng

Center for Regional Studies

Dr. Wang Junsheng is an associate professor and executive director of department of China’s Regional Strategy in the National Institute of International Strategy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Before joining the research fellow of CASS, he received Ph.D degree from Renmin University of China (People’s University of China). He has been a visiting scholar of the School of International Services at American University from 2007 to2008. The diplomacy and security of Northeast Asia region (Korea Peninsular particularly) is his research interest and study area. His Publications include 1 book titled The North Korea Nuclear Crisis and the Role of China (China Beijing: The world knowledge press, 2012), and about 50 articles and book chapters, as well as several translated books and chapters. He also has been served the program convener of the Youth Scholar Salon of China Reform Forum.