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Apply for Visiting Research Fellows Program
The Asan Institute for Policy Studies cordially invites scholars and researchers to participate in the Visiting Research Fellows Program. Visiting Research Fellows will conduct his or her research in conjunction with the Institute’s interest which is to undertake in-depth, objective analysis and address policy recommendations on foreign affairs and national security issues in this region.

With benefits include a roundtrip economy class airfare to Seoul, an accommodation that is fully-furnished, the Asan Institute will provide Visiting Research Fellows an optimal environment for research and networking with experts and policymakers.

The duration of the Program may vary from three months to a year. Please see below for a detailed guideline on how to apply to this Program.
■ Eligibility

○ Must hold a Ph.D. degree in political science, regional studies, international relations, international security, etc.
○ Must hold a master’s degree in aforementioned area with at least 5 years of professional experience in relevant field.
○ Must be fluent in English (Knowledge of the Korean language is not required)

■ Duties and Responsibilities
○ Engage in self-managed, independent personal research
   – An in-house research fellow will be designated to consult and provide feedback about the research

○ Write an Asan Report (10,000 words) based on research
○ Write at least one Asan Issue Brief (2,500 words)
  ※ Please note, if the duration of stay is
   – 3 months, one Issue Brief
   – 6 months, two Issue Briefs
   – 1 year, one Asan Report and one or two Issue Briefs

○ Final presentation of research

○ Actively participate and engage in Asan Institute’s events
■ Benefits
○ Roundtrip economy class airfare to Seoul, Visa application fees
○ Private office space
○ Accommodation (a fully-furnished residence which can accommodate a family of 4, located adjacent to the Institute)
○ Lunch provided
■ Application and Selection
○ The applicant should submit the following materials and the selection committee will carefully examine the qualification.
   – Application Form
   – Curriculum Vitae
   – Research Proposal
   – Letter of Recommendation(s)
   – Two major publications

■ How to Submit
○ Please submit your appliation to
○ Submission Period: October 10, 2023 to December 1, 2023
○ Expected Start Date: February 1, 2024