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보도자료 - Press Release
November 27, 2014
Ms Heesun Kim

* For Immediate Release


Asan-Canadian Embassy to Organize
a Special Cultural Exhibition on Canada’s Arctic
– Canada’s Artic: Vibrant and Thriving –


In partnership with the Canadian Embassy in Seoul, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies will organize a special cultural exhibit on Canada’s Arctic, to be held from December 1 to 31 at the Asan Institute Gallery.

The exhibit, entitled Canada’s Artic: Vibrant and Thriving, consists of 16 enlarged photographs of Canada’s Arctic and is complemented by four panels of Canadian Geographic magazine covers featuring Canada’s North. This exhibit of contemporary photography of the Canadian Arctic was developed in partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Modern conveniences exist alongside thriving traditional cultures in Canada’s North, which faces both challenges and opportunities. Through a geographic lens, the exhibit offers international audiences a brief glimpse into the lives of Northerners. It also offers perspective on the environment and activities that help shape and influence this vibrant region, and highlights the importance of sustainable circumpolar communities, a key priority under Canada’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2013-15), which was launched under the theme “Development for the People of the North.” Captions are provided in Korean, English and French.

The exhibit will also be accompanied by a display of 10 photographs of The aurora, provided by the Canadian Tourism Commission, and screenings of pieces from the National Film Board documentary series Stories of our Land and the video clip Canada through the eyes of Canadians.

“I hope this exhibit will generate wider interest in Canada’s North and Arctic among the Korean public” said James Trottier, Counsellor and Head of Political, Economic and Public Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Seoul, who added, “Canada and Korea have a productive relationship in joint Arctic research through cooperation with the Korea Polar Research Institute, and Canada welcomes the deepening of ties with South Korea on the Arctic, both within the context of our bilateral relationship, as well as through the Arctic Council.” “The Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS), which will be operational by 2017, will provide a world-class hub for science and technology on the cutting edge of resource development and environmental issues in the Canadian Arctic.”

This exhibition is organized as a part of the Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCE) series launched by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. As part of the CCE series, the Asan Institute has invited diplomatic missions, including the Embassy of Canada to Korea, to hold exhibitions at the Asan Institute’s Gallery, where they can showcase a variety of photos, films and other representations of their countries.

The exhibition is open to the general public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, except on national and public holidays, at the Gallery of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.



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