About Asan Plenum

Asan Plenum is a yearly gathering of some of the world’s leading experts and scholars. In addressing the most pressing problems facing the world with expertise from around the globe, Asan Plenum aims to impact the policy-making process and enable the global community to better deal with the challenges it faces.

Table of Contents

Greetings from the Chairman

About Asan Plenum

About The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Welcoming Reception & Dinner
Congratulatory Remarks
Dinner Speech

Opening Ceremony
Welcoming Remarks
Congratulatory Remarks
Keynote Address

Luncheon Speech

Plenary Session 1
World in Turbulence

Concurrent Session 2-1
State of Alliances

Concurrent Session 2-2
Flashpoints in the Indo-Pacific

Plenary Session 3
Future of Alliance

Plenary Session 4
Dealing with North Korea Nuclear Threat


List of Participants

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