Past Events


On Tuesday, August 19th, 28 guests from the Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) at the Freie Universitat Berlin visiting Korea to partake in a Summer School program on “Institutional Dynamics of Division and Reunification: Korean Experiences” at Seoul National University, came to the Asan Institute of Policy Studies.

From 7:00PM to 9:00PM in Asan’s first floor gallery, the group of seven professors, including the director of the GEAS, and eleven doctoral candidates engaged in a roundtable talk with Asan’s attending research fellows and program officers on various aspects of North-South Korean unification.

Four program officers gave presentations on relevant themes for the night’s topic: Chungku Kang on “Economic Views of South Korean Reunification,” John Lee on “What Determines South Korea’s Attitude Towards Unification,” Lisa Collins on “Transitional Justice in Korean Unification,” and Peter Lee on “Can Korea be a Middle Power?”