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Asan DC Seminar

North Korea: Policy Options
to Confront an Imminent Threat

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has named North Korea “an imminent threat” during his inaugural trip to East Asia. As Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping prepare for their first summit since Trump took office, how to facilitate effective cooperation between the US and China to deal with the escalating danger of North Korea will be a key priority for the two leaders. The Asan Institute for Policy Studies and the Stimson Center will host an on-the-record discussion examining the challenge posed by North Korea. The expert panel will explore recent nuclear developments as well as assess policy options the US, China, South Korea, and Japan can pursue to address the threat.

Hosted by: The Asan Institute for Policy Studies and Stimson Center
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 / 1:00-2:30pm
Location: 1211 Connecticut Ave. NW-8th Floor, Washington, DC 20036
RSVP: Please use this link to register
Contact: Ms. Eileen Block (asaninstdc@asaninst.org)
*Registration is required and seating is limited.


Brian Finlay (moderator)
President and CEO, Stimson Center

Alan Romberg
Distinguished Fellow and Director of the East Asia Program, Stimson Center

Gilbert Rozman
Editor-in-Chief, The Asan Forum

Yuki Tatsumi
Senior Associate and Director of the Japan Program, Stimson Center