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Asan Beijing Forum

[Asan Beijing Forum 2013] Opening Video

The official opening ceremony video from the Asan Beijing Forum 2013.

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English Captions for the Opening Video of the Asan Beijing Forum 2013

Thirty years since its “Reform and Open” policy, China has returned to the center of the world.

After 50 years of economic development, Korea is now part of the developed world.

Now, the two countries are moving forward together.

For thousands of years, Korea and China have been the closest of neighbors.

–           Shilla, Goguryeo, and Baekje Dynasty tomb murals

–           Book of the Later Han

–           Goryeo dogyeong, a Chinese travelogue of Goryeo

Since antiquity, Korea was known in China as “the country where wise gentlemen seldom perish,” and “a country of culture and decorum.”

Korea always welcomed Chinese culture from which flourished its own unique culture.

–           Tripitaka Koreana, “80,000 Buddhist Scriptures”

–           Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy

–           Seokguram Grotto at Bulguksa Temple

The Century of Humiliation

–           Destruction of the Old Summer Palace

–           The Sino-Japanese War

–           The Nanking Massacre

Loss of Sovereignty, Colonial Exploitation

In an era of Western colonialism, we suffered the pain of imperialism together.

We forged a friendship through difficult times by standing together.

–           March First Independence Movement of 1919

–           Martyr Yun Bong-Gil

–           May Fourth Movement

–           Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai

–           Provisional Government of Korea in Chongqing

The Korean War

During the Cold War, we had to turn against each other. But we have overcome our different ideologies and painful past.

Since then, we have expanded exchanges, shared the joy of reconciliation, and continued our friendship.

–           Chinese participation in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games

–           Chinese participation in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

–           Korean athletes enter the Opening Ceremony of the 1990 Beijing Asian Games

–           Signing Ceremony of the Establishment of Korea-China Mission of Commerce Agreement in 1990

Finally, with diplomatic normalization in 1992, we embarked on a 20 year journey

–           Normalization of Korea-China diplomatic relations in 1992


1992: Establishment of “Friendly Cooperative Relations”

1998: Establishment of a “Cooperative Partnership”

2003: Establishment of a “Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership”

2008: Establishment of a “Strategic Cooperative Partnership”

2013: Strengthening of the “Strategic Cooperative Partnership”


We now learn and communicate in each other’s language.

CJ E&M “Wedding Invitation”, an example of successful Korea-China cultural cooperation, grossed CNY191.97 million ($31 million) in five weeks of its release.

–           KBS “Korea-China Friendship Concert” (Beijing National Olympic Sports Center Stadium)

–           2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup

–           Guangzhou Evergrande wins the 2013 AFC Champions League


We have become inseparable economic partners.

–           China is Korea’s largest trading partner (China>Japan>United States).

–           Korea is China’s 4th largest trading partner (United States>Japan>Hong Kong>Korea).

–           Bilateral trade in 2012 totaled $215 billion, comprising 25% of Korea’s total trade.

–           Korean direct investment in China was $400 billion, a 25.3-fold increase since normalization of relations.

Social Exchanges

Every year, over 6 million people travel between Korea and China.

–           Number of flights between Korea and China per month: 5,802

–           Korean students in China: 70,000

–           Chinese students in Korea: 60,000

Dreams of China, and Wishes of Korea

We are partners in building peace and prosperity in East Asia.

Korea and China: Next 20 Years

Asan Beijing Forum 2013