Asan Plenum

Panel: Never Been Better? Korea-U.S. Relations
Date/Time: April 29, 2015 / 13:30-14:45

Moderator: Anna Fifield, The Washington Post

Van Jackson, Center for a New American Security
Kim Sung-han, Korea University
Sakata Yasuyo, Kanda University of International Studies
Yang Xiyu, China Institute of International Studies

Panel Description

For over sixty years, the Korea-U.S. alliance has been a linchpin for peace and security in the face of countless North Korean provocations. The alliance, forged over decades of shared struggles and triumphs, has flourished into a comprehensive bilateral partnership encompassing deep economic, social, and cultural ties. In a sign of his commitment to the alliance, President Barack Obama has visited Korea more times than any other Asian country. Indeed, Korea-U.S. relations seem to have never been better. But, like any relationship, there are also points of disagreement. There are growing differences over how the two countries should deal with North Korea, China, and even Japan. The future role of U.S. troops on the Korean peninsula and an agreement on nuclear cooperation also remain contentious. How should these obstacles be overcome in order to further strengthen the alliance?