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Asan Washington Forum

Korea Between the US and China

  • Session: Session VI / Pavilion (Ronald Reagan Building)
  • Date/Time: June 25, 2013 / 16:50-18:00

Panel Description

With China’s rise and a newly committed United States to the region, Korea finds itself in a rather difficult position. On one hand, China is Korea’s largest economic partner and a growing China bodes well for Korea. However, China continues its role as the prime benefactor to North Korea, the South’s prime security threat. On the other hand, the United States has long been South Korea’s ally. Within this context, there is a fear in South Korea that the flames of great power politics will reignite tensions in the region. This puts Korea in an uncomfortable position, and forces it to contemplate decisions it would rather not make. Fortunately, Korea has a long history of walking a fine line among greater powers. Calling on this experience will be vital as Korea navigates the complex relationships in Northeast Asia.