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Asan Nuclear Forum

ROK, China and Japan as Responsible Nuclear Suppliers

Session: Grand Ballroom 1
Date/Time: February 19, 2013 / 12:30-13:45

Moderator: Hussein Khalil, Argonne National Laboratory


Lee Hee-Yong, Korean Electric Power Corporation
Jane Nakano, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Jasper Pandza, King`s College London

Rapporteur: Paul Choi, Council on Foreign Relations

Press Release Brief

1. Lee Hee-Yong, Senior Vice President of the Korea Electric Power Corporation, said that global anxiety over nuclear power plants will only be eradicated if China, Japan, and South Korea collectively reinforce safety standards.

2. The panelists agreed that the Fukushima accident has intensified competition among nuclear reactor suppliers, which may lead to a weakening of demands for safety requirements in customer-countries.

3. Jane Nakano, Fellow at Center for Strategic and International Studies, noted that whereas a country may have a sufficient technological and human resource capacity, as well as legal framework to operate a nuclear power plant, the ability to enforce safety regulations is a necessity.

4. Jasper Pandza from King’s College London said that there is a shortage of experience and qualified safety staff in China.