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Asan Washington Forum

The Ambassadors’ Dialogue: Challenges for the Alliance

  • Session: Session I / Pavilion (Ronald Reagan Building)
  • Date/Time: June 25, 2013 / 9:00-10:20

Panel Description

While it is difficult to remember a time when the relationship between South Korea and the United States has been better, challenges do remain in the coming years. North Korea certainly looms large, but coordination on that front remains tight. What other challenges lie in store for these two partners as we look towards the future? Rather than taking a birds-eye view to answer this question, we look to examine the opinion of those that served as stewards of the alliance at the ground level. Insights into the success and failures of the alliance drawn from the experiences of those that have navigated these waters will provide a sobering prognosis on the challenges facing these two nations as we look towards the future.