Press Release

Press Release
October 13, 2014
Ms Heesun Kim

* For Immediate Release


High support among S. Korean public for inter-Korean summit


  • From September 4-6 & October 6-8, 2014 the Asan Institute for Policy Studies conducted public opinion surveys on attitudes towards North Korea and reunification.


  • Overall, the data shows that little was changed by the recent surprise visit of a high-ranking North Korean delegation.


  • In October, a clear majority (81.7%) stated that a South-North summit was necessary. This was virtually unchanged from the September survey when 81.2% were in support.


  • In the most recent survey, 72.9% stated that reunification should be based on circumstances. Only 13.8% stated reunification should take place as soon as possible. In September, those numbers were 70.6% and 16.0%, respectively.


  • Even if it hurt the South Korean economy, 45.5% voiced support for reunification while 43.9% opposed. [September 4-6]


  • A plurality (45.0%) supported the recent surprise meetings between the South and North. 24.9% opposed. [October 6-8]


  • In the October survey, 31.5% supported lifting the May 24 sanctions and 23.5% opposed. However, a plurality (44.4%) was uncertain. In September, 34.0% were in support, 26.6% in opposition, and 38.9% uncertain.


  • Just 18.8% supported unconditional economic aid to North Korea in the October survey. 71.2% would support economic aid if North Korea changed its behavior. Again, this was largely unchanged from September when those numbers were 22.5 and 67.8%, respectively.


  • A majority (63.1%) supported reopening tours to Mt. Geumgang in the October survey. In September, that number was 64.4%.


  • The sample size of the survey was 1,000 people over the age of 19. The margin of error was ±3.1% at the 95% confidence level. The survey employed RDD for landline and mobile telephones.


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