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New Zealand-Korea Track II Dialogue

As part of the New Zealand-Korea 2012 Year of Friendship, academics from both countries came together in Seoul 14-15 May 2012 for an inaugural Track II Dialogue. The event was led by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and Korea’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

The participants enjoyed two days of presentations and discussion on a range of political, security and economic issues in our region that are currently confronting policy-makers. They also examined the contemporary bilateral relationship from an academic’s perspective. The Korean and New Zealand academics alike valued the opportunity for an in-depth exchange of views and to learn how these subjects are examined from another country’s perspective. Ambassador Patrick Rata hosted the delegations to dinner at the New Zealand Residence.

The New Zealand delegation was led by Dr Richard Grant, Former Executive Director of the Asia New Zealand Foundation and comprised Professor Xiaoming Huang, Victoria University; Dr Mark Rolls, Waikato University; Professor Alex Tan, University of Canterbury; Wilson Chau, Asia New Zealand Foundation Young Leader; and Dr Andrew Butcher, Research and Policy Director, Asia Zealand Foundation. Korea’s delegation was led by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Han Sung-joo of Korea University; Professor Lee Inho, Chair of the Asan Institute; and Dr Hahm Chaibong, President of the Asan Institute. A number of other Korean and Korea-based academics attended throughout the dialogue.

It is hoped that further New Zealand – Korea Track II dialogues can be held in the future.