Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies, the Partnership for Global Security, and the Stanley Foundation jointly held two NSGEG report roll-out events, first in The Hague (Netherlands) on March 18th, and then in Vienna (Austria) on March 20th, 2013.

The events were aimed at highlighting overall NSGEG activities and in giving a special focus to the newly published NSGEG policy recommendations titled “Responsibility Beyond Rules: Leadership for a Secure Nuclear Future”. The report was well received among the group of ambassadors who will be participating in the 2014 Netherlands Nuclear Security Summit as well as the local media.

The three organizations jointly launched the NSGEG (Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group) in July 2012, and held three workshops during the same year.

※NSGEG Workshops in 2012



July 18 to 19, 2012 / Seoul, Korea


Improving Nuclear Security Regime Cohesion



September 12, 2012 / London, UK


Promoting Greater Transparency for Effective Nuclear Security



November 14, 2012 / Amman, Jordan


Building Int’l Confidence and Responsibility in Nuclear Security

This series of workshops assessed the current state of the nuclear security regime and developed a realistic set of policy recommendations to help facilitate the evolution and improvement of the nuclear security governance. As an outcome of the discussions, the NSGEG published a policy recommendation, titled “Responsibility Beyond Rules: Leadership for a Secure Nuclear Future,” which details five steps and 30 recommendations to significantly strengthen the global nuclear security regime and to create the foundation for its long-term effectiveness and adaptability. The overarching goal is to substantially improve the nuclear security regime by 2020.

The five steps forward are listed as: 1) defining the scope of nuclear security, 2) universalizing the current regime, 3) adopting the principle of continuous improvement, 4) addressing political challenges, and 5) creating a unifying instrument.
The 30 recommendations fall under one of the following three categories: 1) improving regime cohesion, 2) promoting greater transparency, and 3) building international confidence.

The two roll-out events were an extra-ordinary opportunity to draw attention to the work of the NSGEG and to the significance of improving global nuclear security governance. It was also helpful in putting forward an agenda for the upcoming 3rd Nuclear Security Summit which will be held in The Hague, Netherlands, in March 2014.

– 1st: March 18, 2013 / The Hague, Netherlands
– 2nd: March 20, 2013 / Vienna, Austria

Click – A video of the panel presentation given in The Hague