Past Events


On Friday, September 18, 2015, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies hosted a Roundtable with H.E. Mr. Pavlo Klimkin, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. H.E. Mr. Klimkin gave an overview of the situation in Ukraine with the history of the crisis with Russia and development of current sociopolitical issues, focusing on issues in East Ukraine and annexed Crimea caused by Russian aggression. He also discussed the lessons to be drawn from the crisis as well as future actions to be taken by Ukraine and the international community.

In Klimkin’s view, the main problem for Russia at present is not Ukraine’s future membership in the EU or NATO (since many people in Moscow just don’t believe that), but the possibility of “a united, democratic and European Ukraine as a country with post-Soviet legacy that is established and sustained as a state with values completely opposite to Russian ones.”.

He highlighted that the attempt by the leaders of separatists in the Eastern Ukraine to hold separate local elections would constitute a breach of the Minsk agreement and would even more destabilize situation in Donbas. Klimkin emphasized the necessity of having there a “fair” and “legitimate” election under the OSCE supervision.

The roundtable was attended by more than 20 participants, including Ambassador Vasyl Marmazov of the Embassy of Ukraine to Korea. Professor Sang Tu Ko (Yonsei University), Professor Sogu Hong (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) and Dr. Kang Choi (Vice President at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies) were assigned discussants. Dr. Choi also served as moderator for the roundtable.


Date/Time: Friday, September 18, 2015 / 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Place: Conference Room (2F), The Asan Institute for Policy Studies
Written by: Rachel Leng


※ H.E. Mr. Klimkin has served as Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine since 2014. Previously, he was ambassador at the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany from June 2012 to June 2014. He also held these positions at the MFA between 2008 and 2012 – Deputy Minister (Head of Staff), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Director of the EU Department. From 2004-2008, Mr. Klimkin was Minister-Counselor at the Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island.