About the Asan Plenum

The Asan Plenum

The Asan Plenum is a yearly gathering of the world’s leading think tanks in Seoul, Korea to discuss the pressing challenges facing the world. The Plenum is a multi-day, multi-session conference with each panel organized by an individual global think tank. This division of labor capitalizes on the differing areas of expertise of each think tank, as well as ensuring diversity of opinion and perspective so as to bring together as wide and as deep a knowledge-base as possible. In addressing the most pressing challenges facing the world with expertise from around the globe, the Asan Plenum thereby aims to impact the policy making process enabling the global community to better address the challenges it faces.

About the Asan Plenum 2011

This year’s Asan Plenum, entitled Our Nuclear Future, will bring together 250 leading nuclear scientists, engineers, policy experts, and public intellectuals. With South Korea set to host the 2nd Nuclear Security Summit in March 2012, the recent crisis in Japan, and North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, the Plenum will play an important role in setting the global agenda on nuclear issues. Five major themes will be the focus of the Plenum: nonproliferation, disarmament, peaceful use, nuclear security, and deterrence. The Plenum will initiate a much needed comprehensive reassessment of safety and security issues which have crucial implications for our nuclear future.


In terms of both timing and location, the Asan Plenum is designed to maximize its impact on the unfolding global conversation on nuclear issues. The “conversational” format of the plenum will allow for maximum interaction among the panelists and participants. Parallel break-out sessions, as well as intimate group lunch sessions, will provide further opportunity for in-depth, focused discussions.