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[鉅亨網]  2016-09-19

中美韓戰略沖突凸顯 不能再執着於利益算計


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Li Kaisheng
Li Kaisheng

Center for Regional Studies

Dr. Li Kaisheng is a research fellow of Institute of International Relations at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). He received his PhD degree from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2008 and MA from Xiangtan University in 2004. He had worked in Xiangtan University from 2004 to 2013 and been a visiting scholar of Asian center at University of the Philippines from March to September 2015. In August 2016, he joined the Asan Institute for Policy Studies as a visiting research fellow. His research interests are East Asia security, regional integration, China’s foreign strategy and International Relations theories. His main publications include Human, State and Security Governance: Non-traditional Security Theories in International Relations (Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2012), Identity, National Revival and China’s Foreign Strategy (1949-2009) (Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2011) and “On the Dilemma of Cooperation and Competition in Northeast Asia under the Condition of Fragmentation” (Pacific Journal, Vol.22, No.9, 2014) , etc.