Upcoming Events

On April 23-24, 2019, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies will host the Asan Plenum 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

In addressing the most pressing challenges facing the world with experts from around the globe, the Asan Plenum aims to impact the policy making process and enable the global community to better deal with the challenges it faces.

The theme of this year’s Asan Plenum is “Korea’s Choice.” As you know, so many of us are struggling to find direction, meaning, and coherence in a part of the world where the major pillars, institutional and otherwise, of an order that brought us peace, stability, and prosperity are being undermined. Korea, at the epicenter of all this, faces fundamental choices, ideational, institutional, and moral. How Korea chooses will have consequences for the future of the peninsula, the region, and beyond.

Korea and this region is going through another gut-wrenching transition. We are in need of a moral and strategic compass more than ever. That is what we hope to search for during the two days of the Plenum. I know that your presence would add immeasurably to our effort.

As in previous years, the Asan Plenum 2019 will gather leading experts from around the world to engage in intensive discussions pertaining to this year’s theme. I hope that you will join us as we seek answers to these challenges.

Date: April 23-24, 2019
Place: The Grand Hyatt Seoul

For the latest updates, please visit our Asan Plenum website.

* Please be advised the Asan Plenum is an invitation-only event due to capacity and security reasons.