As the Park Geun-hye administration crosses the halfway point of its five-year term, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies has partnered with the Dong-A Ilbo, one of Korea’s leading national newspapers, to assess the administration’s performance on foreign affairs and national security. On April 2, 2015, Dong-A Ilbo released the joint investigation’s preliminary results in Korean. This report lays out eight key policy proposals that require greater leadership based on an updated assessment of the Park administration’s major foreign and defense policies. We hope that this report stimulates public discussion on the future direction of Korea’s foreign relations and national security policies.


Table of Contents

1. Three Criticisms of the Park Administration’s Foreign and Security Policy

2. Eight Policy Recommendations for Korean Foreign and Security Policy

1) Utilize the ROK-US Alliance

2) Strengthen National Military Forces

3) Establish Clear Priorities in North Korea Policy

4) Stop Fixating on an Inter-Korean Summit

5) Pursue International Aid Diplomacy with North Korea

6) Search for a Breakthrough in Korea-Japan Relations

7) Improve National Security Policy Coordination and Public Communication

8) Expand the Reach of Policy Initiatives

3. Public Opinion on Korean Foreign and Security Policy

1) Making Progress with North Korea

2) Resolving Historical Disputes with Japan

3) Identifying Countries of Importance to Korea