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[Newsis] 2011-06-13

Minister Kim Sung-Hwan and Special Assistant Gary Samore engage in conversation

[Newsis] 2011-06-13

Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Hwan delivers keynote speech for Asan Plenum

[Newsis] 2011-06-13

Special Assistant to the President Gary Samore attends the Asan Plenum

[The Aju Business] 2011-06-13

“The North should respond to proposal for inter-Korean dialogue,” states Kim Sung-Hwan

[Yonhap News] 2011-06-13

Asan Plenum 2011

[Yonhap News] 2011-06-13

Special Assistant Gary Samore listens to keynote speech

[Financial News] 2011-06-13

“North Korea should participate in the three-step process to six-party talks”

[Herald Business] 2011-06-13

Kim sincerely hopes that North Korea responds to inter-Korean dialogue

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