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Asan North Korea Conference

Essay: The tendency and international politics of North Korea after Jeong-eun Kim ap peared on the stage.

After Jeong-eun Kim appear on the stage, the structure of party and military of North Korea have been adjusted systematically, and establishing North Korea labor party”s core status in activities of country politics and the nuclear power as well as economic development enjoy the same vital status of the strategy in country developm ent.. In terms of international affair, in order to improve the security dilemma situatio n, they still try to improve the relationship of North Korea and The United State for establish diplomatic relations and change the Korean peninsula truce mechanism into p eace mechanism. Moreover,in order to add the bargain chip and improve economic de velopment, North Korea on the one hand persistent the statue of Nuclear nations, for another, enhance the strategic cooperation relations with China,and strengthen economi c cooperation roundly with China at the moment of The tumen river national develop ment strategy, which made by China. Jeong-eun Kim also adjust the policy to South Korea to recover The kaesong industrial park and mount kumgang tourism and reinfor ce economic cooperation with South Korea. In addition, eong-eun Kim carried out div ersification strategy on foreign policy, intensify the cooperation and exchange with So utheast Asia, Middle east and Europe.and agree to solve nuclear problem and peace p roblem of Korean peninsula. However, weather the adjust of North Korea foreign poli cy success or not is up to the adjust of The United State’s strategy of Northeast Asia and the change of relationship between the United State and Noreth Korea.