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Press Release
November 30, 2023
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In Memoriam of Dr. Kissinger’s Contribution and Achievement for International Order and Peace

Today, we mourn the passing of Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, a man who made a great contribution to peace and stability throughout the world. Dr. Kissinger was a life-long friend of the people of Korea and we shall always remember him and his wise counsel.

Dr. Kissinger emphasized the importance of history in foreign policy and viewed international relations with a deep understanding of history and philosophy. Dr. Kissinger, who was a graduate student at Harvard, visited Korea in 1950 and analyzed the outbreak process of the Korean War. His report, which suggested that the United States should focus on key regions by using its superiority in power to counter the Soviet threat, served as the basis for future countermeasures to communist provocations.

Different evaluations can be drawn about Dr. Kissinger’s efforts for international order and peace. However, Dr. Kissinger’s passion and insight for maintaining world order is something that future generations should emulate and follow. This commemoration of his efforts may contribute to the study of international relations.

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