Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies (Asan Institute) hosted the “International Symposium on the Globalization of Confucianism” with the Organizing Committee and Dongyang University at Dongyang University on October 22, 2010.

The symposium analyzed the impact of Confucianism on the East Asian society and its resilience as demonstrated in the World Confucian Culture Festival 2010. Asan Institute Director Hahm Chaibong lectured on the topic “Confucianism and Globalization” while Yonsei University Professor Lew Seok Choon’s topic was “Confucian Ethics and Korean Capitalism – Importance of Filial Piety.” Professor Daniel Bell of Qinghua University and Professor Bin Wong of UCLA also lectured. Professor Bell’s topic was “The Meeting of Confucianism and Socialism, The Revival of China’s Tradition,” and Professor Wong’s topic was “Global, Regional, and Local Dimension of Contemporary Confucianism.”

Date/Time: Friday, October 22, 2010
Place: The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

* News Clip: Provided by EBS