Past Events


On Wednesday, October 23, Dr. Hahm Chaibong, the president of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, hosted a media roundtable with participants from the KPF-Australia Press Fellowship to discuss the Northeast Asian Regional Security and the Inter-Korean Relations.
Date / Time : Wednesday, October 23, 2013 / PM16:00-17:40
Place : Conference Room (2F), The Asan Institute for Policy Studies


Asan institute for Policy Studies
Hahm Chaibong, President of the Asan Institute of Policy Studies
Lee Jaehyon, Research Fellow and Director of the Center for ASEAN and Oceania
Kim Heesun and Kim Sungyeon, Communications Department

KPF Press Fellowship Correspondents
Michael Janda, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Alexandra Lee, ABC News 24
Jason Whittaker, Crikey
Louisa Graham, Walkley Foundation