Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies hosted an Asan Institute Symposium on “Politics in Korea and Public Opinion Polls” on July 6, 2010, in the 1st floor Auditorium at the Asan Institute.

The Symposium examined the problems in the accuracy of public opinion polls concerning the local government elections of June 2 and discussed ways for improvement. The event, moderated by Hahm Chaibong, Director of the Asan Institute, featured Kang Won-Taek (Professor at Soongsil University, International Politics), Kim Jeong Hye (Korea Research Center), Shin Chang Woon (Reporter at JoongAng Ilbo), Woo Jung-Yeop (Asan Institute), Lee Taek Soo (Realmeter Research Center), Lee Hyun Woo (Professor at Seogang University), Lim Sung Hawk(Professor at University of Seoul), Choi Jun Young (Professor at Inha University), and Hyun Kyung Bo (Reporter at Seoul Broadcasting System). Participants had an in-depth discussion on the use of public opinion polls and the effects of the polls on Korean domestic politics, during which they shared their views on the future of public opinion polls in the Korean political process.