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[VOA] 2024-02-21

韩国国会选举在即 中国网络水军乔装打扮影响舆情

About Experts

Shin Sohyun
Shin Sohyun

Center for Foreign Policy and National Security

Dr. Shin Sohyun is an associate research fellow in the Centre for Foreign Policy and National Security at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. Her research mainly focuses on the international norm change and progress in the new spaces: cyberspace and outer space following the development of emerging technologies such as ICT, AI, space technology and quantum computing, etc. Dr. Shin has interests in interdisciplinary and socio-legal research combining new technologies and law and policy relating to armed conflict, military operations, weapons, cyber espionage and intelligence as well as disaster, environment and human rights. She was the founding member of Sejong Institute Cybersecurity Centre(2020-2022) and organised ‘Cybersecurity Forum’. She worked as a research fellow of Korea University Institute of Cyber Security & Privacy. Dr. Shin published “The Regulation of State’s Hostile Disinformation Operations in Cyberspace”, “Space Security and International Law”, and “Cyber Deterrence and US Defence Forward Strategy in International Law”, etc.