Country Reports

In late 2017, a succession of galvanizing themes dominated media coverage in Japan. At the beginning of November and again in mid-December, the media focused on Moon Jae-in’s turn toward China. Through much of November, it was Donald Trump’s travels to five countries in Asia, beginning with Japan. By early December, the focus had turned to North Korea’s new ICBM test and a call to cut off oil supplies. Sankei Shimbun was most critical of China and insistent on pressure against North Korea. Yomiuri and Nikkei generally took the same position. Asahi led the way in appealing for dialogue with the North and doing more to win China’s cooperation. The biggest themes were confronting North Korea, managing China both through Japan-US led regional architecture and bilateral diplomacy, and dealing with the untrustworthy leader of South Korea. Doubts about Trump were rather limited. 

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