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In Rossiya v Global’noi Politike Sergei Karaganov continued his charges against the mindset of the majority of international affairs writers in the West and even Russia for their dangerous idea that the world is unpredictable, and influencing it is impossible. In his view the big players can shape it, and the elements of unpredictability are less than in many other epochs because the information revolution gives people more of a chance to influence policy in opposition to the establishment. Having lost faith in the inevitability of world-wide victory for the European model and the power of its money, many are refusing to see what is unfolding. Having refused to integrate with Russia in the 1990s, the West made a bad mistake, worsening its decline. That left only the question of when and under what circumstances a confrontation would occur. Yet, Russia’s economic elite miscalculated, not preparing for the conflict ahead and the sanctions to come. Losing military superiority, on which five centuries of Western domination were built, the West lost control of much of the world and began to turn against the liberal economic order. This offers Russia a promising opportunity, which few have been thoughtful enough to anticipate.

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