President’s Message

2015 was a monumental year for the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. Within 7 years of its opening, the Institute has ascended to global ranks in the field of public policy research institute. The Institute has emerged as the epicenter for policy discussion and networking in Northeast Asia. Foreign government officials and policy analysts routinely seek out Asan’s specialists for intellectual discussions across a range of global issues.

Asan’s experts have addressed Korea’s most crucial policy challenges by offering innovative and rigorously analytical recommendations to policymakers, business leaders, and the general public. I am proud to announce that the Asan Institute’s publications have become one of the most widely cited and a must-read among leading policymakers and opinion leaders.

The Asan Institute also retains a hidden treasure–the Asan Academy. We offer selected students the education, training and experience that no other institute can emulate. In 2015, sixty students underwent rigorous training and were edified by leading scholars in the nation, an intellectual experience augmented by a twenty-week overseas internship at leading think tanks in Washington DC and Beijing.

The success and excellence of the Asan Institute are a testament of the dedicated work of our extraordinary staff. Our founder Dr. M.J. Chung’s commitment and passion for the Asan Institute not only endures but perseveres.

With renewed vigor, confidence and vision, the Asan Institute will forge ahead to provide cutting-edge research and contribute to sophisticated and meaningful conversations on global peace and security.

Hahm Chaibong