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Asan Washington Forum

The Alliance and the Future of East Asia

  • Session: Session IV / Amphitheater (Ronald Reagan Building)
  • Date/Time: June 24, 2013 / 17:00-18:00

Panel Description

East Asia is considered by many experts to be the most economically dynamic region in the world, and also the most complex. For the past decade, the narrative has been one of a rising China—a narrative that should continue unabated. However, several complementary storylines have recently emerged. A reinvigorated, right-leaning Japan has now come to the fore, further stoking rivalries with both China and South Korea. At the same time, the region now has a strong South Korea. Within this context, speculation remains rampant about the eventual collapse of North Korea. Tensions remain high in the region, and the chances of miscalculation are high. What is in store for the future of the alliance in East Asia?