Press Release

Press Release
August 22, 2022
Communications Department

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Asan Institute Releases the Asan-Kharon Report
“South Korea and the Global Regulatory Landscape: Managing Risks Associated with Sanctions, Trade Controls, and Supply Chains”

SEOUL, August 2022– The Asan Institute for Policy Studies and Kharon present the Asan-Kharon Report “South Korea and the Global Regulatory Landscape: Managing Risks Associated with Sanctions, Trade Controls, and Supply Chains.”

This report provides an overview of U.N. and U.S. sanctions programs relating to China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia, and highlights areas of U.S.-South Korea cooperation on sanctions implementation. Additionally, the report addresses U.S. regulations surrounding military end user / end uses (MEU) and presents case studies that highlight how South Korean companies can be exposed to commercial activity that supports military entities in China and Russia. The paper further covers supply chain risk, including discussion of forced labor considerations as well as the regulation of technologies with national security significance. In-depth, real world case studies are provided throughout the report to illustrate the complexity of supply chain risk exposure, including the re-export of sensitive technology and forced labor in the global supply chain. The report concludes by discussing ways to strengthen sanctions and trade compliance risk management capabilities.

This report is the result of three-month collaboration in research and writing by a team of experts from both Kharon and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. The case studies and analysis in the report were conducted exclusively by Kharon, whereas the policy recommendations were made exclusively by experts from the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

Research Team from the Asan Institute for Policy Study includes:
Dr. J. James KIM, Senior Research Fellow (
Dr. Hyeonjung Choi, Senior Research Fellow (

Contacts for Kharon:
Mr. Sean Kwon, Asia Business Representative (
Mr. Joshua Shrager, Senior Vice President (

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About the Kharon
Kharon ( is a leading provider of risk management solutions driven by proprietary research and data analytics. Kharon rigorously investigates and curates complex data around matters situated at the intersection of global security and commerce — powering financial crimes, sanctions, trade, and export control compliance, supply chain security, and legal and reputational risk mitigation. With teams of multilingual subject matter experts, data scientists, and software engineers, Kharon generates enriched data covering the commercial networks of restricted actors and their related parties — facilitating effective, informed decision-making through critical insights that are accessible and actionable. Kharon’s integrated solutions are designed to merge seamlessly with existing screening and analytics environments, due diligence and investigative functions, and training requirements.