Center for Regional Studies


The Center for Regional Studies provides a platform for in-depth policy analysis and debate on Korea’s place in the world today. Comprised of four leading research programs covering America, China, the Middle East and North Africa, and Southeast Asia and Oceania, the Center examines the political, economic, strategic, and cultural dynamics that are shaping Korea’s relations with key interlocutors. The Center brings a strong multidisciplinary approach to its regional mandate by incorporating expertise in political economy, security studies, and international relations underpinned by sound methodology and theoretical rigor.


  • Lee Jaehyon
    Lee Jaehyon
    Senior Fellow

    Center for ASEAN and Oceania Studies

  • Jang Ji-Hyang
    Jang Ji-Hyang
    Senior Fellow

    Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Center

  • J. James Kim
    J. James Kim
    Director, Research Fellow

    Washington, D.C. OfficeCenter for American Politics and Policy