Kim Hankwon et. al., China Complex (The Asan Institute for Policy Studies, 2014) – Korean edition

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The Asan Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce the release of the Korean edition of China Complex, a groundbreaking new study of China’s growing global influence under President Xi Jinping and its implications for the Korean Peninsula.

Co-authored by the Center for China Policy at the Asan Institute and the Korea Economic Daily, China Complex examines how Koreans have viewed the rise of China and why the existing political discourse has failed to accurately capture the profound changes taking place inside China today. With recommendations for how Koreans should begin preparing for a world in which the United States will increasingly need to share leadership with China, this book is a timely account of one of the twenty-first century’s most important power shifts.



Dr. Kim Hankwon, Director, Center for China Policy, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Ms. Kim Minjung, Program Officer, Center for China Policy, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Mr. Noh Kyung-Mok, Editor, Korea Economic Daily

Mr. Nam Yoon Sun, Editor, Korea Economic Daily

About Experts

Kim Hankwon
Kim Hankwon

China Policy Program / Center for Regional Studies

Dr. KIM Hankwon is a research fellow in the China Policy Program and the director of the Center for Regional Studies at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. Previously, Dr. Kim was a visiting professor in the Center for Chinese Studies at the Korean National Diplomatic Academy, a research fellow at the Institute of International Strategy and Development at Tsinghua University, and a research scholar at the School of International Studies at Peking University. Dr. Kim’s research focuses on Chinese foreign policy and nationalism as well as Sino-North Korean economic relations. His recent publications include “The Multilateral Economic Cooperation for Tumen River Area and China’s Leadership,” The Korean Journal of International Relations (2010) and “China’s Strategic Response to the Kim Jong-un Regime,” IFANS Focus (2012). Dr. Kim received a B.A. and M.P.A. (Master of Public Affairs) from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, and his Ph.D. in international relations from American University. Dr. Kim also completed a post-doctoral program at Tsinghua University.

Kim Min Jung
Kim Min Jung

Center for Regional Studies