Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies held private meetings with the Japan Institute of International Affairs, National Committee on American Foreign Policy, and the Korea Society on September 27-28, 2010 to discuss “Current Regional Security Challenges.”

The meeting, which centered around topics including “Dealing with North Korea Post Cheonan,” “Dealing with a More Assertive China,” and “The State of the Alliances,” was attended by Mark Minton (President, The Korea Society), Nicholas Pratt (former President, The Asia Society), George Schwab (President, National Committee on American Foreign Policy), Evans J.R. Revere (Albright Stonebridge Group), Winston Lord (The International Rescue Committee), Donald S. Zagoria (National Committee on American Foreign Policy), Ralph Cossa (Director, Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic & International Studies), Victor Cha (Professor, Georgetown University), Professor Kim Sunghan (Korea University), Professor Jung Jaeho (Seoul National University), and Professor Mo Jongryn (Yonsei University), among others.