Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies held a senior policy seminar on “US-ROK Alliance and KORUS FTA” and “Post-Cheonan: North Korea and China” at the Center for Strategic & International Studies on September 30, 2010.

The first session on “US-ROK Alliance and KORUS FTA” was moderated by Hahm Chaibong, Director of the Asan Institute. Professor Kim Sunghan (Korea University) and Mike Green (CSIS Japan Chair) participated as presenters, and Dr. Woo Jungyeop (The Asan Institute) and John Park (Senior Research Associate, United States Institute of Peace) participated as panelists.

The second session, “Post-Chenon: North Korea and China,” was moderated by Victor Cha (CSIS Korea Chair). Professor Jung Jaeho (Seoul National University) and Professor Thomas Christensen (Princeton University) were presenters, and Dr. Paik Wooyeol (The Asan Institute), and Kenneth Lieberthal (Director and Senior Fellow, Brookings) were panelists.