Past Events


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies, in collaboration with the Hills Governance Center at Yonsei University, hosted a Forum on G20 and Global Governance Reform on October 11-12.

Director of The Asan Institute Hahm Chaibong moderated the forum while Professors Kenneth W. Dam (University of Chicago), Stephen Krasner (Stanford University), and David Brady (Stanford University) participated as presenters. The Forum stemmed from the thought that the academic community, despite the current objectives of the G20 to prevent the spread of the 2008 global financial crisis and promote a sustainable global economic growth, has not yet begun research into the evolution and future of the G20.

The Asan Institute and the Hills Governance Center invited experts of international relations, political science, international law, and economics to analyze the emergence and changes in the G20 and global governance methods and also discuss the role of Korea in the G20 and the global community.