Asan Plenum

Session: Concurrent Session 2-1
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 / 13:30-14:45
Location: Grand Ballroom I+II

Anthony Kim, The Heritage Foundation

Matthew Goodman, Council on Foreign Relations
Kim Jong-Hoon, Former Member of the National Assembly, ROK
Clark Packard, Cato Institute
Suzuki Kazuto, University of Tokyo
Zha Daojiong, Peking University

Panel Description
Asia’s prosperity has come from free and open markets, trade liberalization, and rule of law which enabled cross-border investment and trade to flourish. But protectionism and populism are now eroding Asia’s economic order. Weaponization of trade, economic coercion, intellectual property theft, and dual-use technologies are forcing countries to rethink their interdependence. The United States talks about “de-risking” supply chains, but many fear the region is being de-coupled. The lessons of Chinese economic coercion and need for collective resilience are also shaping new attitudes towards trade. As Asia embraces protectionist policies, who will benefit and who will lose?