Asan Plenum


Panel: Evolving New World Order in East Asia (Regency Room)
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 / 17:00-18:15
Talking Points for: Ed Feulner, The Heritage Foundation

Because what happens in Washington will shape the role of the region’s most critical actor of the last 70 years, it will also be one of the most important factors in determining the emerging order. There is bi-partisan consensus on the key elements of the emerging order: America’s resident power status, its role as region’s only superpower, the reality of China’s rise, centrality of America’s commitment to free trade, support for alliances, and deference to the executive in the execution of diplomatic strategy. “Polarization” is a little over estimated in the American press. We are just working through the ebb and flow of our constitutional processes. Friends and potential adversaries in the region should know that Washington can debate fundamental issues, like budget, without those debates impacting our profile or the role we play in the region. There are other factors here (rise of China, for instance) that may affect that role, but in Washington the politics of Asia policy is pretty well settled.