Asan Plenum

Should the focus of think tanks in regards to crises be on forecasting them or rather helping societies develop contingency plans? Should think tanks simply talk about the problems or should they address them directly? When it comes to answering those two questions, we at Heritage think the answer is that we can do both. We have leaned more towards the activist-oriented vs. the traditional academic oriented think tank model from the beginning. We approach crises in three distinct ways. Firstly, gaming exercises are used in order to forecast potential crises and better predict and prepare for their implications. Secondly, respond to crises with policies that work by ensuring solutions to problems find their way to those who can accomplish change. Thirdly, and lastly, affecting change in existing policies to better prepare for future crises. Well executed and communicated actions in these three areas can help avert, or at least minimize, the damage of future crises and encourage the growth and expansion of civil society.