Asan Plenum

Being the only Panel session dealing with the subject of nuclear safeguards, the session will bring some balance to the Plenum among other sessions primarily dealing with nuclear safety, security, non-proliferation and disarmaments. The Panel is composed of differing perspectives on how the safeguards regime has evolved and been implemented from five distinguished panelists, at national, regional and international levels. Changing trends in the IAEA safeguards from traditional safeguards based on quantitative material accountancy control towards more qualitative information driven safeguards, examples of the Korean State System of Accountancy Control in line with the IAEA, and a regional approach specific to the Asia-Pacific region could be discussed.

The Asian region presents special challenges as we face the upcoming nuclear renaissance drive from China and India for large expansion of their nuclear power fleets, now confronted with major nuclear safety crisis from Japan. In addition, the ongoing outstanding issue of North Korean proliferation concern, is being dealt in a separate political process. A new approach in nuclear governance, dealing effectively in the post-Fukushima era in the most affected region on nuclear safety, security and safeguards could be addressed in the Panel.