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Asan Nuclear Forum

Building Global Nuclear Security Architecture

Session: Grand Ballroom 3
Date/Time: February 20, 2013 / 09:00-10:15

Moderator: Shin Chang-Hoon, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies


John Bernhard Former Danish Ambassador to the IAEA and CTBTO
Kenneth Brill, Independent Consultant and former U.S. Ambassador to the IAEA
Mona Dreicer Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jun Bong-geun Korea National Diplomatic Academy

Rapporteur: Shawn Fitzgerald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Press Release Brief

1. We require a global nuclear security architecture because the terrorist / nuclear security threat is a global threat; there is a mismatch between the scale of the problem and the level of effort dedicated to it on a global level.

2. Traditional concepts such as national sovereignty challenge our ability to implement a binding global nuclear security framework.

3. The current approach to nuclear security is a stopgap approach; we need a comprehensive, cooperative approach as a kind of “global governance.”

4. Challenges to any global nuclear security architecture include sustainability, communication, enforcement, and defining success.